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  • 3/4 inch

    Looking to round off the edges of 3/4" steel on my tractor loader arms. Will an Oxy Acetylene torch be enough? What size nozzles do I need? Any other things I need to think about as a newbie? Thank you. Paul Pec

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    Welcome to the group Paul. I'm not totally understanding what you are needing to do. Are you talking about cutting 3/4" steel flat bar to make the end round? If so, just about any O/A torch will do that. Just be sure to never run the acetylene over 15 psi MAX. The oxygen isn't as limited. 40-50 psi will probably do anything you need. Please clarify what you intend to do and we'll jump in and help.

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      if you are talking about cutting you will need a 1 tip and the acetalene pressure should be 3-5psi and the oxygen pressure should be 30-35psi


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        Gentlemen, Thanks for your prompt responses.


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          oxy acetylene

          All right. Was able to cut what I needed, but not sure if I was doing it right. How far away should the torch tip be from the material being cut?


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            The tip of the inner cone of the flame shall be about 1/8" above the metal.

            Take a look at the brief description of the procedure here: (chapters C and D may be of interest to you)
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              oxy info

              Nice resource for a beginer. Thanks.


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                tip help(3/4&quot

                hi paul i have gotten alot of help from they have a easy to follow operating oxy/fuel set . also
                and j&r welding supply has alot of info. i take a laminator and laminate them once i print them out so easy to reference but oxy/acet for 3/4" is #1 tip size cutting O2(psig) 30-35 cutting O2(scfh) 80-85 acetylene (scfh) 8/13. But remember NEVER to go over 15psi on acetylene... 1/8"-000 tip w/ 20-25 cutting oxy. 1/4"-00 tip cut oxy at 20-25psi
                3/8"-0 tip 25-30 cutting oxy 1/2"-0 tip with 30-35 psi cut oxygen. hope that helps.


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                  3/4 inch

                  I am going to assume you are taliking about chamfering the edges of your loader arms. Not that hard for a beginner to do. Go easy on the oxy and grind off the slag,and i think you will be truly pleased with the results