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What's the smallest O/A you'd get?

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    Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
    How come they don't make a regulator that will not allow more than 15 psi?
    because of the way a regulator works it's not feasable, you need some sort of adjustability, that requires pressuring and releasing the spring countless times, this leads to weakening of said spring. so if you limited the amount the screw could be inserted (limiting max. press., 15psi in this case) over time this "maximum" would creep down. Also, each regulator would need a calibration to limit screw insertion (each spring, gasket, screw, diaphragm, body is slightly different) making the reg. a cost prohibitive item. and when it did go "out of whack" the process of rebuilding would entail all these QC/QE procedures.


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      A big welding tip or rosebud could be worse than a cutting tip. The fuel requirements for those are generally higher than cutting tips.

      Also, for the same reason, that is why it is not recommended to use or even transport acetylene cylinders horizontally.


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        And Pumpkinhead is right on the button with his posts.

        With everything we are exposed to as weldors, I exercise the most caution when using O/A. It's my favorite modality, but I respect the danger, and obey the rules. I understand what can happen if I get sloppy with my operation.

        Hotfoot, You're the bomb, dude! Funny!


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