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Hobart 210 MVP Arc fizzle...

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  • Hobart 210 MVP Arc fizzle...

    Hello, newbie here. I've had my 210 for a few years and it's been a joy of an upgrade from my old Clarke. What I've been noticing is after I've adjusted unit for heat and speed, I'll put down some test beads getting a nice crackle. I generally work in 5 second increments. It'll start normal but then sounds like it's fizzling out like there's a drop in heat. It still welds, but there's a definite sound change. Also, it seems more pronounced in the lower heat ranges when welding thinner materials. All welding is done at 240 volt...

    thanks in advance...

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    this sure is a lively forum...


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      How long until the sound change, and then is it consistent after that?


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        Originally posted by ROG67 View Post
        this sure is a lively forum...
        Happens that way when corporate will not step in and offer help or suggestions..... Us lay people who are not really representatives of company try to keep site alive because we believe in Hobart welders, but that may change.....

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