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Millermatic 250 Gas issue

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  • Millermatic 250 Gas issue

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to trouble shoot a gas issue with a Buddies miller. The solenoid is no longer clicking when the trigger is pulled. Pulled it apart and flow is good from the meter to the solenoid then nothing past. The Voltage at the solenoid is 24v constant. I would say this is the problem. I'm pretty sure it should only be hot when the trigger is pulled. Is the board bad? worth fixing? Also unhooked the wires to solenoid and hooked up to a 20v DeWalt battery and it clicks correctly. Thanks for any help.

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    From the description you provided, it sounds as a circuit board issue.....

    Be aware there is circuit board repair places that cater to welding machine and they might be less expensive for repairs of circuit boards than having to pay the price of a new board from Miller "IF" it is still available....
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