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Iron man 230 power supply

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    Originally posted by Sberry View Post
    I see the imports do things slightly different than Hobart that uses 2 ends for the cord on MVP. They build the extra protection in to the cord cap at 240 and then a simple 120 to 240 adapter and the system circuit breaker provides fault protection at 120V
    Hobarts 120V is also just an adapter to fit the cord, the 240v is special.
    Its why they warn about cutting it off and simply adding a plug, it will work and could be safe if the thing wasnt plugged in above 30A. The code allows dedicated circuits but not dedicated cord ends, machine would simply look standard with a replacement end that wasnt correct,,, ambush wiring jobs.
    Yep safety feature..... Sort of keeps you code compliant at least on welder side of receptacle...

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