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Little pressure valve leaking gas when turned on

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  • Little pressure valve leaking gas when turned on

    Hey - I have a Handler 140 for maybe 5 years. YouTube and welder friends taught me well. Had no problems except I forgot to turn the gas off and lost half a cylinder a couple of years ago. Didn't happen again. Did lots of projects around the ranch using MIG.

    Now I do have a problem. The gas comes out what I guess is a small pressure switch on the side of the regulator? Not sure but you can see in the pic. Comes out as soon as I open the main valve. Don't want to waste what is in the cylinder so I am not happy not having the gas available.

    The gas makes such a difference.

    Appreciate any advice and thanks in advance.


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    Generally this indicates a problem with diaphragm in regulator. either it has ruptured or developed a pin hole to allow gas to escape.

    Regulator can probably be repaired through most any good welding supply or sent in to online repair shop or done by owner of regulator if he has enough knowledge on how regulator works, has the proper tools and can get repair parts....

    Believe you regulator to actually be a "SMITH" brand.....

    These people may have repair parts if you want to DIY or you can send it to them and have repairs professionally done....

    Most expensive option would be to replace regulator...
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      Thanks Dale, sounds most logical since it happened instantly after working perfectly for all that time. Might check out Amazon and replace.



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        The timing on your question is pretty coincidental for me. I have that same regulator, and pressure relief valve that you have circled. I activated that pressure relief by having the t-screw in the wrong position when I opened the gas tank valve. I'm sure I ruined the guage for line prssure, but I'm also wondering if I ruined the regulator? Also, I've been looking at replacement regulators in case I did ruin it,, and it looks like the newer ones don't have that relief valve. at least, I can't see one in the ads.