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US Forge Mig wire any good? (Sold at Menards) Any Made In China mig Wire any good?

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  • US Forge Mig wire any good? (Sold at Menards) Any Made In China mig Wire any good?

    I just picked up a new multi function welder so I needed some mig wire.
    I used to always get Hobart but it is up to $43 for a 10 pound spool around here.
    US Forge at Menards was $27 after rebate so I grabbed a roll.

    US Forge's parent company is Messerworld a large German conglomerate.
    Becase of that I wasn't expecting the wire to be made in the US.
    I was disappointed however to see that it was made in China.

    I am not one of those that assumes everything made in China is garbage.
    My new welder is made there after all (It even has the teeny tiny Chinese amps to prove it. Claims 200 Amp output. In reality it maxes out at 165 Amps on stick).
    My only experince with Chinese mig wire has been the starter roll of flux core wire my $79 HF welder came with.
    That experince was not good.

    Has anyone here used US Forge mig wire?
    Here is what I am using but I am intrested to hear anyone's experiences with any of their mig wires.
    Click image for larger version

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    While I am at it has anyone found a decent Chinese mig wire?

    I haven't opened this yet so if someone turns me on to somthing better or a deal on Hobart wire I can return it.


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    I have gotten cold feet on the Chinese mig wire.
    For just a couple of bucks more I have found this Firepower, practically Victor wire.

    Since it is a famous American name brand it is fittingly made in Mexico.
    I hate American jobs going to Mexico but I am all about providing reasons for people to stay there instead of coming here.
    With all those beaches, all that oil and tequila they should need a wall to keep us out.

    I suspect this is new old stock.
    It mentions Thermodyne and there is no mention of ESAB.
    Nearest I can tell Thermodyne ceased to exist once ESAB bought them.
    The part number is mentioned on Firepower's web page but is unavailable.

    It would appear that none of the Firepower filler metals are available anymore.
    With it being an 11 pound roll the price per pound is within a nickel of the US Forge stuff.
    It has good reviews and for some reason having the Victor adjacent Firepower brand slapped on it really does make me feel better about it.

    I will let you all know how it turned out.
    However in my case it is hard to tell if it is a fault of materials or workmanship.
    Actually it is easy to tell. 9 times out of 10 it is my poor workmanship to blame.




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      Try it, some of the generic solid was as good as anything I ever used. I bought a roll at Menards a while back, havnt used it yet.


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        Dang, I'm in the same boat and just picked up a couple 2# spools the other day. Went to look and sure enough, made in china... I know some folks who like their stick electrodes. I always shied away from them because they don't use the standard numbering system, but these folks are always bragging about how US Forge is made in USA and cheaper than Lincoln and Hobart... Guess not anymore...