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Hobart Betamig 251 manual

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  • Hobart Betamig 251 manual

    I bought a couple of non working welders at auction and the 251 is one of them. The code and or spec numbers have faded into oblivion. I need a manual that will at least show me a functional block diagram, internal wiring and a parts breakdown. Used welders are scarce in my location and I am trying to find out if this is repairable by me or better to part out and look for another used welder. I have extensive troubleshooting and fabrication resources. I have read a lot of 251 posts on this board, but no information other than the gun, and mine has an aftermarket gun anyway. Conversely, if anyone is looking for parts or has a comparable transformer based machine for sale for a reasonable price locally to St Paul, Mn please let me know.

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    We read every thread. Just post it once, please.


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      Can you post a few images of the machine, without a serial number I would be guessing at the correct manual, with a picture I can guess a little better!


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        Here are some pics. I can see the transformer is fried. What on earth could have caused that, given this was a 100% Duty cycle machine? It is possible someday I could find another salvaged transformer, or have this one rewound, but I would need to know the specs of the transformer, and what would have caused this failure, so a manual would still be helpful even if it can not be repaired. The rest of the machine looks ok.


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          .....still looking for input and a manual