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Bad power switch on handler 210MVP

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  • Bad power switch on handler 210MVP

    The other day I had an issue with the power switch on the 210 MVP. On 240v it would arc inside of the switch across the hot and (If I remember correctly) neutral connectors on the top when power was applied, thankfully tripping the breaker. It worked fine with the 120v plug, but I ended up bypassing the switch as I was in the middle of a project that required 240v. The switch was the only issue and its welding fine.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I've had the machine for just under a year, so I'm hoping Hobart will replace the switch. Ill call support tomorrow and see what happens. Personally I think the switch should be redesigned, because that shouldn't happen!
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    I am sure they will fix you up, it does happen but the qc in these is pretty good and problems are rather rare.