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Issues with wire burning off at the tip?

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  • Issues with wire burning off at the tip?

    I own a Panasonic 261 Stick and Wire feed with a Tweco Classic gun replaced within the last year or so, I guess you would call this a dual purpose welder My question is when wire welding the wire burns short when I am ending a weld and at times burns back into the tip and either fuses to the tip or sticks in the tip most of my welding is done with ..030 wire at 125-140 amps better if I constantly use anti spatter gel on the tip and nozzle and happens more when the welder is warmed up and the tip gets hot when things are working right we get beautiful sound welds but if it starts sticking we are constantly starting and stopping and cleaning or replacing tips? Wondering am I not running enough shielding gas to act as a cooling measure not using enough wire for the amperage not sure I've been doing repair fore over 40 years so this is not my first experience welding just a persistent problem. See some guys using Vick Vapor rub in place of anti spatter to the gun Am I missing something here?? Any advice would point me in a better direction Thank You in advance!!

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    Think you need to lift gun and break the arc a few milliseconds before you get off the trigger ...

    Have had good luck using PAM (cooking oil in spray can) as anti spatter gel....
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