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New Handler 210 MVP wire ***** up

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  • New Handler 210 MVP wire ***** up

    I purchased a new Handler 210 MVP welder so I can weld light sheet metal. Hobart .023 tips and Hobart ER 70S-6 solid .024 wire.. Wire is not feeding to the tip or only a little bit. The wire is balling up where it enters the liner. The drive roller is pushing the wire and it is just rolling out at the drive motor. Checking locally, it appears that Hobart does not produce .024 tips or .023 wire. The smallest Hobart wire I am finding is .024 and the Hobart tips I am finding are .023. Should I switch to .030 tip? Suggestions? Am I missing something?

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    .023 and .024 wire can be used interchangeably with .023 or .024 tips.


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      .023 and .024 is somebodies perverted game on sizing, for all practical purposes they are the same size.... After all you are only talking of .001th of a inch....
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        I have used .023 and .024 with a .030 tip successfully.I prefer .023 over .024, but its only available online. No one in my area stocks it. When using the 2 smaller sizes always start with a very shallow angle to reduce the potential for "birds nesting".


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          Tips are already sufficiently oversized for the wire. They are marked for their wire, not their actual size. .023 and .024 and .025 (some Lincoln products) are interchangeable.

          Any issues are unrelated to the .023/.024, though it is odd that two different Hobart products use the other number. Any wire preferences will be because of a particular brand's metallurgy, and not the indicated diameter.

          What groove are you using in the drive roll? How are you adjusting its tension? How far through the liner is the wire being pushed before an issue? Is the tip installed while you are attempting to load the wire?