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  • Gas regulator

    First post here.
    Hope to learn more about this welder.
    Hobart 140. Got it around 1989.
    Light welding, Just for home hobby use.
    Use Co2 gas now, but used to use mix.
    Just to expensive these days.
    I have been using a Victor AF150.
    The diaphragm leaked, so I tried a cheap, made in china, tube type flow meter.
    Didn't like the way it was working. It would freeze up on me.
    Then the ball got stuck.
    They used some kind of glue in it and the ball got stuck to it.
    Was working great before the Victor popped.
    Was going to rebuild the Victor, I did it once before, but the kit is around $40 now.
    Should it repair the Victor???
    Try another tube type flow meter????
    Look for another regulator????
    As much as possible, I don't want anything made in china.
    I know these days that's almost impossible.

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    How did you attach the regulator to use straight CO2? Unless a regulator was designed for it, CO2 will often freeze them.


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      The AF150 is suppose to be for Co2.
      Had to get an adapter for it.
      Same as with the tube one.
      Had to get an adapter.
      Never had a problem with the regulator freezing.
      I wonder if I'm pushing to much Co2 through the tube flowmeter???
      I setting it by the graduations on the tube.