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    Hello everyone
    I'm new here and I'm looking for some help .
    I am trying to get my son involved in the shop so I picked up a Snap-On ya219 for 200.00 and when I got it home and plugged it in the power light came on and I could hear the cooling fan running so when I pulled the trigger nothing no gas no wire feed no arc .
    I checked the trigger wire at the top of the welder and even jumped them and still nothing and I'm lost .I don't by any means know enough about welders and I hope someone could help.
    thanks in advance for the help.

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    Well, welcome to the board...

    Just looking for a manual for your unit, I have come across a lot of comments that its not a very good unit and gets very poor marks...

    MY immediate suggestion would be to try to return it to seller and get your money back.... First rule of buying a used welder is to try it out before handing the money over........

    Some comments along the internet seem to imply it was made by Century Tool Company, And you might try there for manual, or directly to Snap On.... Other wise the manual for your unit seems to be pretty scarce... I could only find one source and it required a CC to validate you are not a robot.....

    Sorry if this does not sit well, but its a fact when buying used industrial equipment to always test it out first and I 'm sorry that my response is a bit negative.....Maybe somebody will have a better solution solution for you.... Don't go away yet, give others a chance to respond, maybe with something more positive...

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      I have a YA212 manual... It shows there is a CB2 that would do this to your welder if it is tripped...Lite on, fan on, no trigger response.... It is in the drive cabinet above the drive motor....


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        If it says Snap on it can probably double your money.