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Considering hobart 210 mvp. Have a question

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    I usually make the point that I am not an electrician like some of the others. I really don't know anything about electricity. Wiring installation is a bit different. The wire really don't know I don't know.


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      Normally insurance rates stay or go up due to depreciation and age of equipment. I actually got a discount due to general condition which is rather rare I guess.
      modern wire, no old 2 wire with cheaters, gfci, main buildings all piped, no overloaded 3 way. Good cords and some fire ext. Don't have a bunch of stuff with safety defeated or modified.
      . That is a thing we see a lot on forums. Someone has a better idea than the people that built it. Some features are built in carefully with simplicity they built them a long time and simply sized pieces for safety. So Joe comes along and adds hour meter or auto drain or light bulb to a comp and throws it out of compliance without considering all the details.


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        There was a guy on one explaining how he wired a 110v outlet to the cord of his buzzer, had it all figured out. I was in a farm shop a while back and got a shock from a machine from some farmer wired switch thing he made to put in series. Had a live wire to the ground pin somehow. I don't remember now exactly how he did it but he was proud of these things he made that energized the frames, of course it disconnected the bond, left it all floating. You would think a shock would have been a hint but set it on boards to try to eliminate it.
        Saw another a while back had used an old water pipe to feed a garage. Used the pipe as a neutral, not sure how they didn't electrocute themselves trying to shove innertube between the connections to eliminate the arc