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  • Hobart Handler No Spark

    Hello all I am new to the forum and was hoping you guys may be able to help me out. I've got an old genex handler 120 (probably early 90s) and im unable to get an arc. I was welding up some 1 inch tubing yesterday and all was going well when the breaker trips. No biggie I probably didn't have a good ground so I go and reset everything but now I can't get any spark. The wire feeds, fan runs, torch has gas ect... i cleaned the ground clamp and made a new connection tried several different outlets on different circuts and took apart and cleaned the gun but no luck. If I turn up to its highest setting it will trip the breaker still any other setting it wont. Does anyone have any idea what it may be. If this has ben covered before i apologize i tried doing a search on the forum and was unable to find a answer.
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