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Handler 140 Gas shut off delay?

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  • Handler 140 Gas shut off delay?

    I've been using my Hobart Handler 140 for about 5 years now with zero issues. Lately it has developed this "Won't shut off" problem when I release the trigger. The wire feed stops and the the voltage stops but the gas doesn't shut off right away. Sometimes there's a 2-4 sec delay and sometimes the gas just stays on, coming out of the tip. I've had to shut the bottle off at the valve. Is there something I can clean? It's not the trigger switch, I checked. I was going to buy an entire new welder but it seems like I can fix it or have it serviced somewhere. Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Probably a sticky gas valve... Should be able to disassemble and clean.... Should be mounted in back plate where gas hose connects.... IF cleaning does not help, probably just replace...

    Be sure unit is unplugged before venturing inside...

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      If wire stops, it's not the trigger. There is a gas valve solenoid. Look for that. Should be easy to replace.


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        Excellent. Thank you. I will open it up when I get home this afternoon.


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          RESULTS! First off, thank you for the practical assistance. I've solved the gas valve not shutting off issue.

          Here's what I did (in case anyone else experiences this same thing) : Unplugged power. Disconnected gas bottle. Removed top handle and all the 1/4" cover screws. Unplugged solenoid valve spade connectors noting wire position, remove clear barbed tubing. One plastic threaded nut secures it to the back of the unit. Once removed, I held the little valve in my hand and you could blow air through it. Odd, because it's a normally closed electromagnet plunger type and nothing should pass through it unless energized.

          I removed the 2 tiny screws holding the valve body to the magnet plate and inside there is a tiny plunger with a rubber tip and a tiny spring which keeps pressure on the rubber which is pressed against the seat of the valve body. When energized, it magnetizes the coil and pulls the plunger away from the valve seat. It was stuck, partially OPEN.

          I cleaned it all off, gave the spring a small stretch, hopefully giving the spring an additional boost of closing pressure when off.

          Additionally I cleaned the relay contacts that energize this little coil/valve. The relay contacts were sticky as well. There was a small plastic slide block that was not returning instantly, like it should. I feel I had a combination of 2 issues. Cleaned everything off, re assembled the Handler 140 and gave it a test. PERFECT. As good as new actually. It's five years old and that valve may not last forever but at least I now know that is an easy change. The solenoid valve itself has a MILLER part number and should be cheap and easy to locate. Certainly a simple fix.

          This was the result I was hoping for. Thank you everyone for keeping forums useful because we all know what a total mess facebook is.

          Have fun and stay safe!


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            Thank you very much for updating the thread with the resolution!

            And it's probably a part you can source on Amazon or the like for a lot less than at a Miller parts place. You'll just have to use the generic characteristics instead of the Miller part number.


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              Several hours of use later? Still working like a champ. Thanks again.