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Hobart 175 arcs with power off

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  • Hobart 175 arcs with power off

    Hi, I have an older 175 and it started to arc without pulling the trigger. I proceeded to turn the machine off and the fan stops running but the welder is still humming and would arc if touched to the ground, obviously unplugging it shut it off completely. Plugged it back in and it starts humming right away without the switch being turned on.
    Assuming it’s a relay just wondering if anyone knows what one. Thanks.

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    My guess is that the switch/relay is only disconnecting one leg of the 240 VAC input. Anyone with the experience to get into the machine safely with a voltmeter should be able to isolate the failed part, and it's probably something that can be replaced with a non-OEM part much more quickly and cheaply than trying to source the OEM part.


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      Might check contractor (relay) it may be stuck in on condition.... Power off (unplug) and open cabinet and tap relay with screw driver handle or something to see if it releases and then plug unit back and and see of it powers up correctly.... If its ok, you have found the problem, and its going to stick again sometime in future... Might bre candidate for replacement in future...

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