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handler 175 wire feed motor doesn't work

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  • handler 175 wire feed motor doesn't work

    have a handler 175 , about 25 + years old, can't get wire feed motor to turn, doesn't feel locked up, but don't have the 28 v to the motor that schematic say I should have , only about 15 to 16 volts, what next if it's the control board is it cheaper to get another welder?

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    What is your testing procedure? The motor voltage should vary with the wire speed dial.

    Tell us all the details about what you are testing and with what instruments.

    Need welder serial number to know parts availability.


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      Be sure to check the voltage to the motor with the motor connected to the board or you can get a false reading from the board. If there is no voltage from the board to the motor with it plugged in then you have a bad board if the wire will stick arc when grounded. Likely components on the board that may have failed are PTC1(RX185) and Q1(2N6388).


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        Disconnect motor from board and see if it runs on just 12 volt battery power...

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