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Need Miller Wire Feeder recommendations

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  • Need Miller Wire Feeder recommendations

    I came across a CP300 for a giveaway price. Basically free. The 22A feeder on it apparently needs a new $400 board.
    . What other feeders would you recommend, used or new? Would prefer to pick on up used but not sure which of them to look out for. I've mostly seen the S-52e and 22A's on these machines.
    . Thanks.

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    I ran a CP200 for a long time, it had an ancient feeder on it of some kind. We replaced it with what looks like the S-52 with the 4 rolls. I don't recall any problems with that feeder, it ran thousands of miles of wire. Those old 3 phase machines are pretty much bullet proof; The only problem I can recall is the contactor started buzzing and needed replacing eventually.
    If you can get a part number off the board, you might find on on ebay, or it could just have a blown out cap on it that can be easily replaced.