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Handler 140 Feed Roller Alignment

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  • Handler 140 Feed Roller Alignment

    I apologize if this has been discussed previously. I searched and couldn't find any threads on my issue. As I'm sure yall are aware, the quick select feed roller on the 140 has 3 slots for different size wire. Very simply put the roller doesn't land in the correct spot so my wire will not seat in the groove. I tried all the little notches on the wheel and they don't line up with where the wire passes over the wheel. I have made due by pulling the wire over slightly to get it to land in the groove and carefully closing the idler wheel. I shouldn't have to do that though, and I think it's really affecting the consistency of my feed. Is there an adjustment or should I take this up with Hobart? Thanks.
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    Sounds like either the roller is not seating properly on shaft or quality issue with feed assembly.... Think I would wait for Kieth to make comment here...


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      There is no adjustment for the alignment. The roll is a cast part so most likely the may be an issue with the motor gear assembly. Please contact us at 1-800-332-3281 with your serial number and we should be able to help.