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Hobart 190 with wire stuck in gun/guide.

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  • Hobart 190 with wire stuck in gun/guide.

    HI, folks. I'm pretty much a newbie to welding. I bought a Hobart 190 a few years ago, and I did take a class, but the instructor had no clue how to teach. He spent a total of about 5-10 minutes on how to choose the right setting. That has left me struggling to figure out how to get a decent weld without blowing through. Most of the welding I have done has been on sheet metal of various gauges, from about 18-12.

    Today I was trying to do some welding on an old home heating oil tank. I had cut it up for another project a couple of years ago, and was successful in welding that up. I think I was using .035 flux core, IIRC. These tanks are typically 12 gauge mild steel. In fact, it's ASTM A-1011 steel, according to one manufacturers website. My son did a lot of the welding on that project, and he's definitely better than me, but I was able to get some useful (but very ugly) work done. Some of that included filling a 1/4" gap that needed to be welded up. Not pretty, but what we made worked fine for us.

    Today was a different story. I was trying to turn what's left into a firepit for roasting a few marshmallows. Basically, I cut one end off, but had to patch in some pieces (scavenged from the leftovers of the previous project) where I had cut out material on the previous project. I was using .030 wire and having a pretty hard time getting the right settings. I think part of my problem was that I was working uphill. I got the first piece (about 4"x8") patched in, but it's really, really ugly. No way it would be good enough for anything structural. (But, this isn't.) Then I went to patch in the second piece (4"x21") and that was going a lot better, but I had that set up differently and it was all flat welding, no uphill.

    But, I still blew through now and then. I also had a problem with shooting the wire through a gap I was trying to fill. (My Harbor Freight helmet leaves me too much in the dark, so I can't see what I"m doing very well.) That breaks the arc, and usually results in me having to stop and trim the wire. I got tired of this and started cheating, basically striking an arc against the side of the wire to cut it.

    Then I started having a jamming problem. A bit of bird's nest. After the second time in a few minutes, I went inside and got online to research it. Found a few bits of info and went outside to see what I could do with it. I adjusted tension on the spool (it was too tight, I think) and I was able to weld for a bit, then it stopped feeding again, I turned around and looked for the bird's nest, but there wasn't any. I found that the wire is stuck inside the liner, somewhere. I can't pull it out the tip, and I can't pull it back into the welder. It's not moving.

    All advice is welcome! I'm afraid I may have managed to weld the wire into the liner, and I need a new liner. Any ideas?

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    Umm.... your first comment was using FCAW .035 wire, later switch to .030 wire, first question still using flux core?.....

    Generally one does not weld wire to liner, generally one boogers up a contact tip now and then..

    Second thing is if you are burning wire back to contact tip, you are either running to hot or not enough stick out or not maintaining stick out .. Did you change setting when you did wire size change?

    When wire sticks in contact tip best thing to do is ensure contact tip is proper size for wire... Contact tips come in .023, .030 and .035 (general sizes for average welder) Try to remove contact and either clean and dress it well or replace, be sure everything is clean, maybe even remove wire from "whip" and clear liner by using compressed air.... For me a birds nest means I have to much tension on feed rollers...

    Might want to review or tune up your procedure by reviewing some videos.... Suggest the following site...

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      Yep Dale has the right idea. Start with the contact tip. Remove it and see if the wire feeds without it installed. If does install a new tip making sure it is the proper size for the wire diameter being used.
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