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The power of a HH135

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  • The power of a HH135

    Thought I'd post a sequence of pictures revising a second attempt at spacers. The square slots I previously cut while functional during mock up, didn't cut it for final finished product appearance.

    I used my HH135 with RR70S-6, .030, 75/25 mixed gas to fill the holes. Pretty much non stop. No blown breaker, no shutting down, just stopping to let the weld cool to continue building/filling the holes. Took longer to cool then weld. Once cooled, marked and drilled the holes, out came the torch to cut the middle, die grinder and carbide bit to clean the slot.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	705106 And for those wondering what they were for, I installed a Mustang 2 factory cross memeber in an old ford coupe frame and didn't want to notch the frame for upper control arm clearance on the low end.

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    Looks like you got it done. Pretty slick job. What looks like a quick simple job really takes a lot more time than most folks realize.


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      Thanks Sandy. While this actually went quicker then expected, I have to admit I was very tempted to just cut new ones knowing the sound of a grinder was going to come into play. It did. Slapped a 1/4" disc to the 5" and I worked the tools. That said, welding was one hole at a time, did the perimeter edge and with a slight weave the 1/'2" became 3/8", flipped and ran small fillet weld stringers to fill the cavity that was left. About 5 minutes a hole. Grinding didn't make them any cooler either? What actually surprised me, was the Hobart not choking from the pressure it faced with me at the trigger. Seriously, the welder was angry that day.
      Click image for larger version

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      That said, this was started before the internet. Lol...maybe one day it'll leave the garage I don't know? But if I'm bored, I can always find something to do.