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  • Flux core purchase time

    Getting ready to purchase 1 of these 3. All same price $200
    My main focus is on any quality or longevity benefit one could have over others.
    Hobart Handler 100 - transformer- 4 Taps
    Century FC90 - inverter - Infinite amps
    Forney 140i - inverter - Infinite amps
    Going to use it for simple non crucial stuff around the house.
    Which would you buy? I am leaning toward the Hobart.
    Thanks, Be safe.

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    Assuming you are in the US, the Hobart will definitely have the most support both before (here) the sale, and after (with an awesome warranty.)

    Do you need the lower power draw of the inverters, at the expense of long-term reliability?

    I'm sure you are referring to the voltage control instead of amperage. The 4 taps on the Hobart are sufficient for what it does. You choose the voltage range. The amperage is determined by the wire size and stickout and arclength. One less electronic part to go wrong, too.


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      Thank you for the response. I do live in US and long term reliability is of great concern to me. This welder is a want, not a need for me. So any spending is hard to justify. I purchased the Hobart $60 dollars off for a total $190. But I have not used it because I was still considering the others.

      I am going to stick with the Hobart.

      I am glad you mentioned the voltage/ amperage subject. All these years I thought the taps controlled the "heat" which was adjusted for metal thickness. Then wire "speed" just controlled feed rate, to address wire burn back or to much stick out.

      I did not know wire speed or arch length had any impact on Amps-Volts -Watts or any thing else. Just feed speed.
      I made some nice welds long ago, learned by trial and error and didn't even have a proper understanding of the process.

      Thanks again, Be Safe, Ray