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Handler 210 wire feed lag?

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  • Handler 210 wire feed lag?

    My trusty welder is giving me the first problem in nearly 10 years. When pressing the trigger, the wire feed motor runs slowly then ramps up to my set speed after a second or two. I've verified it doesnt have anything to do with the torch end and watched just the wire feed wheel spinning unloaded and it acted the same. After running the motor for a couple of seconds, letting go, and pressing the trigger again, the lag isn't nearly as bad. Can I troubleshoot this or just try replacing the motor or the potentiometer?

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    10 years...don't they go by fast? I wouldn't go throwing parts at it, that doesn't always work out so well. But too answer your question about can you fix it, maybe? Do some reading while you wait for a better reply. Good luck, and have a good day!


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      If you have a way to check the actual amperage to the motor we would be able to determine if it is a motor issue or board issue. The control board has a current limit and if the motor tries to pull to many amps the motor will ramp slowly.This is on the 210MVP. I would have to look up the older 210 unit. I am out of the office and do not have access to my info at the moment.


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        Good grief! I didnt expect that motor to be $175 or more. I'm pretty sure it's the culprit


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          Pretty sure eh? As in pretty sure you want to buy a drive motor? But I'm going to ask, have you blown it out with compressed air? Added a few drops of oil to lubricate it's bushings? Checks the amps as suggested? 10 owe it that much don't you think?