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    Only reason I would have thought 5356 alloy is because it had a much better chance of making it through the gun lead.


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      Originally posted by gnewby View Post
      Thanks for the response Oldguyfrom56, I had the feeling that you had seen something like the blob photo before. Especially when you were willing to bet $5.00 on what had caused it and another $5.00 on what type of aluminum wire was used. Us old guys don't like to loose our money, and don't usually bet on something unless pretty sure of the outcome
      You sir are mostly correct in that assumption, and that example. But sometime I throw out a wager to see results. Prove a point or too motivate. Others as well as myself. Sometimes I do it knowing I'm going to lose the bet, but still do it anyways so someone else benefits more from their win then I would lose from my loss?
      Win some, lose some. The way I see it, It's how you perceive the loss that matters. Losing a bet you can still come out a winner.

      Your kind comments are appreciated, keep a strain on friend.