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What do you think of this IronMan 210?

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  • What do you think of this IronMan 210?

    Hey guys, newbie here. Wanting to get a MIG and I've been really interested in the Hobarts. I was planning on buying a 140 but I've been eyeballing this welder for sale locally for a while. It's an older IronMan 210 that looks to be in really nice shape and not used much or well taken care of. I know it's definitely not worth the $1500 he's asking and I'm not interested in the spool gun so that's $500 off the price right there.

    What do you guys think this thing is worth coming with the cart and the tank? I was thinking of offering $450...I'm a little sketched out since it's out of it's warranty period and so old. Are these pretty stout welders? He is willing to show me it works so I'm assuming it's mechanically sound.

    Some background on me - I am a beginner welder. I have done some MIG in the past but I want a machine that I can buy, learn on and just keep around. I always like to go bigger than start with something small and then outgrow it. I would like to use it for light mechanical welding and eventually solid axle swaps on Toyotas and stuff like that along with a gate for the front yard and some fencing stuff.

    Here's some pics of it:

    Click image for larger version

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    as long as it works go for it but i wouldn't expect him to take $450. around here the tank alone is worth that


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      I would be extremely surprised if you get it for $450.... New today at Northern Tool $1,999 with spool gun (tank extra) ..

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        willyd cheap screw. Good luck with that. Like a blind squirrel finding a nut, you could get lucky? I too think it's a long shot but, you never know if you don't try?
        I know it's definitely not worth the $1500 he's asking and I'm not interested in the spool gun so that's $500 off the price right there.
        While we can argue this around the block, if you have cash, you have bargaining power. Not many have cash but they have stuff to sell looking for it.

        I'm sure it would serve you well, today, tomorrow and beyond.


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          Thanks for the replies guys! So my reasoning for my price is this - a brand new IronMan 230 (which is a better machine with 11 voltage settings instead of 6, a better duty cycle and a warranty) can be had for around $1300. There is a 230 that was bought in 2017 and still under warranty for sale locally for $1000. Better yet, a brand new Hobart MVP210 which is more portable, has dual plug functionality and comes with a free spool gun can be bought for around $900 depending on where you look.

          The Hobart IronMan 210 was made up until 2006, so best case scenario it's 13 years old and way outta warranty. It was replaced by the 230 in 2007. Also there isn't much information online for them and the last price I saw for one was $650 back in 2010. I think $450-500 is what I'm going to offer because I personally don't think it's worth much more than that. Old Miller 180's sell for $700 where I'm at. The common school of thought is that a machine out of warranty is worth half of what it would be retailed for because it can be a crapshoot and you have no idea how it was treated or if the duty cycles were abused.

          If he passes I'll just probably go for the new MVP210 or jump on that 230 for $1000. But I figured for the price it might be worth a shot to save some money and still get a good welder for what I need.


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            I doubt he takes it. Used welders seem to bring good money. I would just buy the Ironman 230 unless you portability. Don't forget the gas tank is going to be an addon cost.
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              Yeah 125 cu-ft tank and full of argon, $332 on amazon, just for example, but got lot better deal at local welding supply...

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                Seems to me I saw a new Ironman 210 on closeout at Tractor Supply way back when they were discontinued for somewhere around $650.
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                  Has he already said he'd sell it without the spoolgun? Most guys wouldn't, because then they have a spoolgun and no welder.


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                    willyd, If I were buying a cylinder of gas, I'd buy the largest one that the local welding supplier would sell me that I could physically lift and handle. Don't rent or lease, actually buy, then no demurrage. (There aren't any significant differences between the 125 and the 155, except that you get an additional 30 cubic feet for basically the same cost to swap or refill.) Two miles from my house is a Praxair outlet. They want $300 for a 155 cubic foot cylinder and then another $69 for the first fill of C-25. I would be very hesitant to buy a cylinder over the internet. What if your close-by local welding supplier won't trade it/refill it, and you have to drive 50 miles to make get it filled? (And it turns out that they won't just swap it out, but you have to leave it for a week while they actually fill it, forcing TWO round trips.) The sweet taste of an initially good deal departs quickly if the long-term ownership expense is greater. ~0le
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