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Hobart Handler 135 WFS Problem...Maybe?

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    Originally posted by craigrad View Post
    Well, I ordered parts off ebay for the Handler 135 and I just replaced the PTC1 and the Q1. No change, still no torque by the time the wire comes out of the gun unless I turn the speed all the way up. I replaced the liner, the spool is loose. The replacement PTC1 was larger than the old one but I don't know if that matters since nothing changed on my problem. I can control the speed but the motor is not strong enough. I guess I need to consider a new motor or throw the whole thing in the trash since I have work to do. Maybe time to look at Eastwood.
    My Update... The electronic parts arrived's what? Thursday? It's on the list of things to do although by all accounts it doesn't need doing so I'm not rushed to jump in just because I can? But I will.
    Now before I get carried away possible breaking what seems to be working reasonably well, I'm going to re-read the list of posts and replies and do some testing.

    craigrad...Dale offered up worn out and that could just be the case? You will be the best judge of that? Old welders and old men break down over time. Sometimes it's the doctors practicing that kill us?

    I would suspect however it's more a problem you have yet to identify through proper testing? Not my area of expertise, I'm relying like you on the bits of knowledge previously posted to enlarge my limited understanding to make sense of it all? Sometimes it's try this and hope for the best? I did and noticed improvement as I mentioned? Just curious, did you oil the ends of the drive motor? Did you test the WFS pot? Do the check this, test that?

    For the record, I blew $20 Cdn. with shipping. By all accounts for the price of education, cheap if I learn something from the experience, bonus if I understand something from what I learned. Time will tell?

    One thing is certain, when something is broken, it's easier to replace it then fix it if you can afford to do so.


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      The welder is old but has not been used much. I still have the same .023 and .030 10 lbs rolls that I bought when the welder was new.
      So far I have replaced the liner, greased the gears for the wire feed motor but did not oil the ends of the motor. I replaced PTC1 and Q1. I even bought another PTC1 because the first one was larger than original so I did not trust it, but the motor still did not have enough torque at anything but full speed.

      I was messing with it last night to see if the liner was still an issue and all of the sudden I now have the more common problem of the wire feed motor running at full speed all of the time. This is the problem that PTC1 and Q1 was supposed to fix. The pot does vary from .4 to 50 ohms so it does not look like the pot is the issue. I don't know what to check now. I do not want to spend $100 on a new motor or $200 for a new board and hope it works. I would rather buy a new welder. Handler 140 or 210MVP or, not sure I need the 210, or Eastwood. I just hate to scrap this one if it is something cheap to fix.


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        Just to confirm, did you just add grease or did you actually disassemble, wash clean , dry and re-lube with fresh grease? It's the little spindles not the gear teeth that dry and seize? And the motor, blown out with compressed air, it should be lubed with a light weight oil, connected to a 12V car battery, mine spun like a son of a gun. Reversing the leads, both directions. I doubt it's a motor? But remember it is working just like the car on a road race set from when you were a kid. Faster or slower.
        Insure all the connectors, wires are secure, having one fault then a different one...I'm not sure what to say?

        How was your solder job when replacing electrical parts? Over heat any parts? Goober a solder job? Just wondering and honestly guessing what's up with that?

        You were doing something with the liner and something changed? It could be telling you something or nothing? I don't know?
        At some point I'll drag mine in the house by the computer to start reading and testing. But it's cold out , seems like work, and low on my list.

        While mine is working and by all accounts I'm a happy camper, It would be nice to know the full story of how it works. Power comes in, transformer is energized, induced into a secondary winding and goes some where to do something? The blind leading the blind.

        I'd like to suggest you don't just give up, but in the same breath, a new one solves the problem.


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          I’m looking to buy a used Hobart 135 wire feed drive if anyone has parts the previous owner took the drive gear box apart and lost one of the gears from a image I found on here it’s a 49 tooth gear thanks you guys also a question for the pros what pitch are the gears ?


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            Dude, we all read nearly every thread here. Just post it once, please.