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Is a stick weld stronger than a MIG weld?

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  • Is a stick weld stronger than a MIG weld?

    Me and my friends have been arguing about which weld is stronger, I think the stick weld is stronger than a MIG weld, the mig weld just looks pretty. Which one is stronger and why is it stronger?

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    Given the same weld dimensions, I submit the same joint strength is attainable


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      Well Jack... 60,000 is less then 70,000. A square inch is a square inch. If your not taking into account things like ductility, toughness, elasticity, elongation yield points...I'm inclined to agree with Badbmwbrad.

      Now, if the question was which process of depositing weld metal is a guy most less likely to screw up a weld with resulting in a less strong weld, you win.
      A greater risk of lack of fusion, poor penetration, cold lap and hardness comes with GMAW in my opinion, for what that is worth in this discussion.


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        A lot depends on whoever has the stinger or gun in hand and their knowledge of how to set the machine for the desired weld.


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          Originally posted by Jack Murphy View Post
          ...Which one is stronger...
          Yes. .......


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            Either process can be as strong as the other if material prep, operators skills and correct technique is used.
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