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  • Extension Cord for 220v

    Hey guys, I just bought a new welder and got a Handler 190. My shop has a 220 outlet but where it is placed requires the need for an extension cord. I have looked through the manual and I don't see anywhere that talks about extension cords. Is it okay to use a short cord of maybe 6 ft.? If so what gauge wire would I need to use to make one? Thanks for any info.

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    I used Romex wire to extend my plug by adding an additional wall plug where I only use 1 plug at a time. I think it is cheaper adding another plug than building an extension cord.
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      Check out cord on welder in may have its wire gauge imprinted on it... Something like 10 or 12 gauge..... You can make a extension cord by getting plug that fits your 240v wall receptical and a receptical for end of cord (6-50R ?) that welder will plug into... If you need to go with extension I would make one at least 20-25 feet so it gives you more room to move around project/shop.... Oh and for wire gauge same as welder cord or next size up, so if welder cord is imprinted with 12 gauge I would go 10 gauge to avoid any voltage drop....

      You can probably gets parts at local hardware store or big box, all parts are pretty common ..

      Or something like this may be better option and you don't have to fret about wire size or how to put it together if your 240v wall receptical is a 6-50R... If price spooks you, remember you only have to buy it once and you will have it forever...

      Try looking at section 5.9 in your owners manual " Electrical Service Guide" section and I believe if I read it correctly you can have supply up to 67 feet (20 meters) ... I would guess total length is from circuit breaker through shop wiring and any extension cord (I may be in error here - someone will correct me) .... And it also states minimum conductor size as 14 gauge (but I would go bigger) for safety factor...

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        I too just purchased a Handler 190. The 12' extension cord I'm using is 10 gauge, 3-conductor. One end has NEMA 6-50R receptacle. The opposite end plugs into my generator's 240 volt outlet. If you're needing a 25' extension cord then 8-gauge, 3-conductor cord should be used.


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          Go to a local electrical supplier and buy 10-15 feet of 10/3 SOOW cable and NEMA 6.50 (pin) male (plug) and female (receptacle). Cheap enough. Should be more than enough for a Handler 190.
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            Originally posted by Badbmwbrad View Post
            ... If you're needing a 25' extension cord then 8-gauge, 3-conductor cord should be used.
            You own stock in copper production?


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              I bought a 25 foot 10/3 RV cord for half price during the off season and changed the ends. Works fine for my Stickmate LX (with my skill holding an arc long enough to approach a 25% duty cycle is unlikely) and my Handler 210 (not a MVP).
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