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Hobart Handler 135 wire feed issues

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  • Hobart Handler 135 wire feed issues

    I have no control of the wire feed!!! I replaced the potentiometer and still no control. Help!!!!

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    More than likely control board failure. The HH 135 and 175 are notorious for component Q1 failing on the control board.

    I'm assuming when you pull the gun trigger in the wire feeds, however, it feeds at the same rate with control pot dial set to 0 or 100. Is this correct? If so, I'd try replacing component Q1 on the control board. If you do a search you should find threads on the replacement of this component on the Handler 135 or 175
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      Check connection between potentiometer and control board before buying/replacing Q1, might save you a buck or two... IF good them probably do as Dan says...

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        Voltage at the wire speed pot should be 0-8Vdc as you adjust the knob. If it stays at 15 then the pot is open the connections to it are open. Otherwise Q1-2N6388.


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          Anyone got a pic of wire placement on the 135 board. I had to replace ptc on mine & lost pics of wired board before removal. No wiring diagram in machine. Thanks


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            Just so happens I do.

            Discovered a problem with mine that has me doing some reading on the subject. But I'm not clear exactly on what I've been reading? But I did take the cover off and I did snap a few pictures. Enjoy.