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Hobart IronMan 230 drive motor intermittently working.

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  • Hobart IronMan 230 drive motor intermittently working.

    I recently bought a used hobart ironman 230 knowing it had an issue with the wire stopping. At first if I held on the trigger and turned the drive roll by hand it would take off and work and unless you stopped welding it would usually keep working. I thought this was the drive motor but I just hooked up 12 volts to it and it spun perfectly, I even repeatedly tried stopping and starting and it kept working. I also took the switch on the gun apart and bypassed it and no difference. You can hear the gas solenoid when using the trigger. The switch is on mig and not on spool gun also. I've read something about a transistor or I dunno what else to check?

    Normally this wouldn't be a big rush but our wood boiler decided to start leaking in a few spots and I've been in and out of it all day. I was about finished patching it and I can't keep the wire feeding even with someone there to help it along. Oh, also this is my first post here! My name is Tom.


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    Measure the DC voltage to the motor. If no voltage is present when the trigger is pulled then lost likely it is a problem with the board. The control pot will not present a problem this way generally but yo can also check it. The dc voltage from the center to each outside wire should vary from 0-1.7. If there is voltage to the motor every time the trigger is pulled but no drive, bad motor.


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      Thank for taking the time to help me with this Keith! I believe I have it narrowed down to the pot. Hobart is an excellent company with great support!


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        I replaced the pot but no change, guess it must be something on the control board. Ouch, kind of expensive. I wish I could replace something small on the control board but don't know where to start. I'll update once I get it fixed.


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          Yesterday I crossed a relay on the control board and now it seems stuck. It works every time with the trigger but its only high speed. I don't know if I should try replacing the relay or just the board. Kind of leaning towards the board because I don't know a lot about circuit boards. Is there anything other than the control board at this point I should check before ordering it? I double checked the new pot was working and it is.