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What does this dial adjust?

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  • What does this dial adjust?

    As the title asks, top left dial. Pictogram suggests voltage over time? I first thought inductance but that's current rise over time? It was suggested where I poached the picture and question from as a slope adjustment but I'm not seeing it although google yielded the following statement?

    "Graduated knob to achieve the mostcorrect value of the wire pressure,which remains unchanged also afterany arm opening and closing"

    Digging deeper I noticed the following:

    External Burn-Back and motor ramp adjustments for a precise arc striking"

    If someone has an explanation I'm all ears?

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    9. External motor ramp adjustment for a precise arc striking (T 25)

    Asked and answered. Well, that was it. Something for the day, it wasn't a total waste. Pg. 42.