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HH 210 MVP Wire Speed Question

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  • HH 210 MVP Wire Speed Question

    I read something in the manual I don't quite understand.

    On page 10 under "Section 4 - Specifications" it shows the following:


    For 230 V:

    Wire Feed Speed Range

    70 −750 IPM (1.8 −9.0 m/min) At No Load
    40 −680 IPM (1.0 −17.3 m/min) Feeding Wire

    For 115 V:

    Wire Feed Speed Range

    60 −740 IPM (1.8 −9.0 m/min) At No Load
    40 −600 IPM (1.0 −17.3 m/min) Feeding Wire


    What does the "At No Load" and "Feeding Wire" mean?

    I assumed the "At No Load" is wire speed when just feeding wire, not welding.....and the "Feeding Wire" is wire speed when actually welding.

    Is that correct?

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    No. Just pushing the wire is the load (more like pulling it off the spool). But if you weren't pushing wire and just spinning the drive roll, you'd see it move a little faster. It's not like you would ever need to know that, though; I surprised they bother to print that info.


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      Thanks Mac....I wasn't sure what significance it had or if I was supposed to use the info somehow.
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        It's a specification used more for servicing the machine. Basically, you're looking at the drive roll speed of rotation with the tension arm of the wire drive mechanism released (up). This is useful when making a quick assessment of the drive motor operation. You're correct in your assumption that it doesn't mean anything to you in your day to day operation of the machine.