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Hobart Handler 175 Feed Motor

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  • Hobart Handler 175 Feed Motor

    The feed motor on my HH175 died. I ordered the original replacement PN 202 708. It is different than my original. It has a totally different mechanism for installing the feed roll. My original had a key and a screw holding the roller on. So now it looks like I have to order a feed roll. My manual shows PN 202 925 but what will I get? The new style or my original feed roll. Just a little bit frustrated right now. Should have been welding this weekend. Not happening now. Does anyone have any insight to this scenario? Thanks in advance.

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    The roll you need is 202925 to be able to run .023-.030/.035 wire. This may not be of much consolation, but the the older motor 193187 would have be more money than going with the newer motor and the feed roll.


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      Thank you so much. I ordered one from Amazon and may have it tomorrow.


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        The Handler 175 is notorious for a few component failures on the control board that cause the drive motor not to function, so I hope you've done some troubleshooting to guarantee that the motor has failed.
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