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hobart handler 175 gas flow issue

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  • hobart handler 175 gas flow issue

    Hello all,

    Ive had a handler 175 for a number of years now, I am currently having a gas flow issue (I think) because:
    2)it feels like the gas flow coming out of the gun is very light
    3)my welding regulator (2 gauge type, one with tank pressure, one with cfh) barely jumps down with the trigger pulled, it goes from 20 cfh reading just sitting down to 19 with trigger pulled. My memory could be tricking me but I thought i remember that gauge jumping down more during welding use years ago.

    That said, I am getting gas to the end of the gun, it just doesnt seem like its as much as it should be

    I also tried putting on my other regulator (a tank psi gauge with a gas flow plastic tube with ball bearing weight inside). With the trigger pulled, this regulator held the ball at 20 cfh, but still it feels as though little or no gas is coming out of the gun nozzle. When i pull the trigger, there is a large initial puff of gas out of the trigger, and then it feels like nothing, even though the regulator holds the steel ball at 20cfh.

    Also note the gas solenoid makes an audible tick noise when i pull trigger

    So my theory is that some component in the machine is leaking the gas because the regulator shows it is flowing.

    also, i was working on removing my gun to check the o rings (I have replaced them before) and im having trouble removing my gun. is the nut on the gun liner between the wire feed rollers supposed to be removed to remove the gun?

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

    Thanks all

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    just got the gun out, had to pry hard with a big flathead, as it was very stuck/corroded.

    it looks like there has been corrosion or arcing? is the gun worth saving or should the unit be replaced?



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      Looks like corrosion to me....If you have the time I think trying to salvage it would be one option, but remember inside of "connector" (#45 on parts list) probably has same problems... But maybe gun cleaning bore brushes (metal bristle) may be used and really cleaned well before putting back into service.......On whip it would be pretty easy to clean up with small brass brushes... And replace "O" rings...

      Second option may be replace "connector" and whip...

      Third option may be new unit (you really want to step up to something better didn't you)...

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        just cleaned the corrosion on the end of the gun connector (and new o rings), also cleaned the 4 gas flow ports on the tip of the gun with a piece of wire.
        i agree there is probably corrosion in the connector block too. for some reason, I am still having the issue of an initial puff of gas and then no gas flow, even when my regulator holds the steel ball bearing at 20 cfh consistently while the trigger is pulled. seems like some other component in the machine is leaking gas

        maybe time for another machine. this one can be the designated flux core machine


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          Check hose between gas solenoid valve and "connector" could be old, brittle, partial rupture....

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            thanks for the response, the clear plastic hose looks good
            maybe im loosing gas somewhere in the gun

            i might try replacing that block and the gun and see if that fixes the problem


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              Replace the shielding gas with acetylene. Makes it a lot easier to find the leaks with a match.


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                Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
                Replace the shielding gas with acetylene. Makes it a lot easier to find the leaks with a match.
                Removes eyebrows too...

                Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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                  Based on past experience that looks like arcing caused by the thumb screw on the aluminum power block loosening up or not being tightened down. The gas port hole in the bore of the power block may be partially blocked from arcing, or the bore may be pitted not allowing the O-rings to create a good seal. More than likely the bore is pitted, so the gas is probably escaping past the O-rings. Honestly you probably need to purchase a new power block and maybe a power pin end for the gun lead.

                  I'd pull the liner and tip adapter off the gun and blow the gun lead out with compressed air.
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