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    Originally posted by odis View Post
    I see you already bought, good for you, I doubt you will ever regret it. I love mine and use straight c02 gas with it.
    What size tank(s) do you use?

    I haven't bought a tank yet....pricing 5, 10 and 20lb Co2 tanks.


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      I bought a 20lb tank from the LWS that I get my gas from. It cost 35 bucks to fill and lasts for a little over 2 10 pound wheels of wire. I pay 20 bucks for the 10lb wheels so it is much cheaper than good flux core in the long run. I find the 20lb ideal for my needs, I'm just a hobbyist with a bad back so the size is very managable for me.


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        Also try 25/75... 25% CO2 and 75% Argon.... I bought a 125 cu-ft tank, and went went to gas dock to pick it up, they were out of that size and they gave me a 175 cu-ft cylinder that I have been exchanging ever since... Lasts a long time on hobby lever welding....

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