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  • Hobart 190 handler

    I had problems with unit when purchased and had posted on this site for help about 6 months ago.

    It ended up being a simple fix ( wire was off back of wire feed control )

    Finally got around to using it for the first time a couple days ago and it worked flawlessly so far on welding some angle iron pieces up to an oil tank maple syrup evaporator I'm building

    I ran a few test welds on a scrap piece that we're same thicknesses and then had to tweak settings to get penetration that looked good without burn through...

    Lots more things to complete this project, and many more things I need to weld here on our hobby farm

    Thanks again for info and tips I've learned on this site as I've never welded before and overall i feel pretty good about my newly developed welding I've done with no past experience.

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    Here's my OTE for making maple syrup how it sits now only thing I need to weld is a few more 1"*1/4*20 bolts to hold 1" fire blanket for insulation
    And possibly the oval stack to come out of the top where I need to cut the hole still( it's 24 gauge flue stack going to be welded to a 12 gauge steel)
    I did a test weld with 0 3 0 wire on the lowest setting of 1 and 30 yesterday ,but this setting burnt through the 24 gauge pretty badly, it is shown to have 024 wire to weld something this thin...(I'm glad I did a test run on this before I actually welded to my maple syrup evaporator ) I had a few areas that the weld got burnt through before I noticed so the weld got globbed up to seal that bigger hole up, but overall being my first time welding anything in my life I feel pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish and I've learned a lot.