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    Just so you all know, this is my first post here. In my introduction message, I explained my welding background, which isn't much more than "experienced amateur". I've been on a quest to upgrade my equipment and (by weird chance) I stumbled upon somthing. It's a Millermatic 185 that (according to the previous owner) has only had about 2 spools of wire run through it. According to the serial number, it was manufactured in 2001. It came with a Spoolmate 185 spool gun (barely used), a 122 cf gas cylinder (full of C25) and a Smith regulator. I got it in trade for $250 cash balance on a vehicle I sold the guy, who didn't have all of the cash.

    My question is this...Did I do okay on the deal?

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    The Spoolgun was probably worth close to that. The cylinder of gas was worth it all by itself. Smoking deal...


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      If everything works it is a good machine. It is a niche that isn't filled anymore, output wise. A medium sized machine with running gear. Lincoln had the 150. Your machine tops out quickly as far as metal thickness. Both machines were geared for sheet metal and auto body shops. The Lincoln even had a full spot timer panel available.
      Bevel 1/4" for much better penetration. That is really pushing the machine. The tap machine had a nice arc compared to its big brother the 250. The 250 was probably Miller's worst machine.
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