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Dumb Question About Duty Cycle

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  • Dumb Question About Duty Cycle

    It's time for me to step up from the 110v flux core welder I've been using for years and get a 230V MIG welder. I'm a hobbyist at best and the heaviest things I think I'll need to weld are Jeep frames and armor/bumpers/etc. I don't mind a lower duty cycle welder, but I want to be sure I buy one that has some sort of protective circuit if I try to go past that duty cycle. The "protective circuit" on my flux core welder is that the main power switch melts and I have to replace it if I'm not careful. :-)

    The closest thing I see to this is a "thermal overload" switch or "thermal protection". Is that what I'm looking for? Or do all the bigger welders have this feature and it's assumed that everyone but me already knows this?

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    The thermal overload switch is to protect the machine from melting after you've already exceeded the duty cycle by a significant amount. You need to pay attention to how long you have an arc on if you are welding at currents that will approach your duty cycle. The more amps you are using, the shorter the duty cycle will be. Get as big a machine as your budget allows. You will thank yourself later.


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      The only dumb question is a question NOT asked!