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Lincoln wire in 210 MVP?

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  • Lincoln wire in 210 MVP?

    A neighbor gave me a full roll of Lincoln Ideal Arc wire size .25 (I have NO idea why he had it, he does not weld or own a welder).
    Can I use it in a 210 MVP?

    The only tip sizes I see from Hobart are .23 - .30 - .35 size. Will .25 wire run through one of those?
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    .023 (that is decimal point, zero two three) contact tip will probably take the .025 Lincoln wire, specially if its worn a bit....... There is a lot of latitude in wire diameters in that size range for some reason though I believe "standard" is 0.023....

    When you drop leading zero after decimal point and it becomes .23 and that is almost 15/64 inch (slightly less then 1/4 inch) ....

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      Oops.... Not sure why I dropped the zero's. I knew better. : )

      Thank you Dale!
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        I loved my Ironman 230 i sold it after i got my Pro Pulse 200 which handles Spray Arc very well with C10 90/10 ga orC3. My Hobart 190 0r 210mvp could not spray at all.

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          I've seen .023", .024", and .025" wires. They are the same thing to the machine; don't give it a second thought. The tips are marked for that entire class of wire (with whichever particular actual dimension that manufacturer uses) and are appropriately oversized.

          I don't know why that one class of wire has these slightly variable actual dimensions from different sources.
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            Yes that wire will go through your tips that you have .023/.024/.025/ all the same