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Welder and generator outlets on same circuit

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  • Welder and generator outlets on same circuit

    I currently have an outlet wired in my shop with 10/3 for my generator that goes to a double pole 30 amp breaker in my sub-panel (red and black goes to breaker, white to neutral bar, green to ground bar). I only use this to plug my generator into for back-powering the house (not used other than that).

    I am getting ready to purchase a welder and want to put the NEMA 6-50 welder outlet and the 4-prong generator outlet on the same circuit and use a 40 amp breaker and #8 wire.

    If I were to just have the welder on the circuit by itself, I would use 8/2, versus 8/3 for the generator outlet. If I put them on the same circuit, would I just run 8/3 to the 4 terminals of the generator outlet, then tie into the ground red and black and run 8/2 from there to the 3 terminals on the welder outlet?

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    Please first assure us you know the dangers of back-feeding a panel with a generator. Linemen have been killed while repairing lines because people use what you have described so cavalierly.


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      When we had a pole down a few winters ago our utility company pulled every meter on branch line and fuses at branch & main connection so there was not a feed back issue...BUT THIS MAY NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN... Really suggest you put in a transfer switch so you can get power either from utility or generator, but there is no possible way BOTH can be connected at same time....

      If you back feed system without proper disconnects, you could be held liable for any injuries or death of utility workers becasue of you incorrect wiring....


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