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Adequate 220 voltage for MIG

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  • Adequate 220 voltage for MIG

    I have a shop with a sub panel that is approx 150’ from main breaker. I have a 50-amp double pole breaker in the main panel with #6 wire running to sub panel in shop. I’ve never had a reason until now to wire 220v, but plan on getting a Hobart 210mvp or 230 Ironman. Am I wasting my time wiring 220v for either of these welders with my current setup? Will the voltage loss be too much for the size wire and distance?

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    For the most part you probably be welding below the maximum current/voltage draw of the welder, I don't think you will have a problem... Manual states its power usage (at 30% duty cycle) is 6.3 KW (6,300 watts)....If you do the math the amperage draw is only about 28 amps, not real big load...

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      Nothing sounds odd about that to me. You will definitely appreciate a higher voltage machine.

      240 volts, not 220, though. One day I will live long enough to see the misnomer disappear.