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  • 190 or 210

    I know this has been discussed and I apologize. I am going to Tractor Supply to get a Hobart. My plan is to get the 190, my only concern is the ability to dial the 190 down to do sheet metal work on a car for instance. I am wired for 220 so no issue there. I have also read the that 190 welds a little nicer than the 210?

    Again sorry for to discuss this again but just want to get the right machine. I am not concerned about the 190 on the top end I feel it will be more that adequate for my needs, more concerned about spot welding thin material.


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    Just go with 210MPV..... Basically 'Heat' and amperage is a product of 'stick out' at any setting...

    Suggest you look at voltage/amperage curves of each machine to see what best fits your needs...


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