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Unusual fix for Handler 125 wire feed problem

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  • Unusual fix for Handler 125 wire feed problem

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and also new to MIG welding(I have some stick welding experience).* I*found*a fix for a wire feeding problem on*my 125*Handler that may help some others, particularly new welders like myself. I searched this forum and found plenty of threads on feed problems but didn't find any mention of*this particular solution.*
    My machine is about 4 years old and never fed wire(030 solid)*smoothly from the day it was new.* While welding I could hear the drive motor periodically straining and then speeding up, straining then speeding.* Sometimes*the wire would*stop feeding*altogether, while the motor still ran.*I measured the wire speed and found it varied quite a bit without changing the setting.* *To sum up, I fiddled with the spool tension and drive roller pressure, replaced contact tips, checked and rechecked the drive roller position, cleaned*then replaced the liner, examined the electronics, and bought a heavier extension cord. With the drive roller tension disengaged I could easily pull the wire through the gun, so it didn't appear to be too much friction in the gun.* The motor also*seemed to be working ok although the tone told me something was not right.* After a lot of head scratching, I wondered if the drive roller*might be*the problem.*So I bought a new roller, installed it and eureka!* The wire feeds fine and the machine now works like it should.*
    I put the old and new drive rollers side by side and apparently the original has some quality issues.* The knurling on the original is not as deep and the knurls don't appear to be as sharp.** This original roller only has several hours use so it isn't worn out.
    I've included a picture of the two rollers side by side.**The original roller is on the left.* *Look closely at the profile of the knurled groove at the top of the rollers.
    I should also mention here that I went to the larger 10# wire spool vs the 2# spools I had been using. I*believe that the larger curl on the*10# roll*feeds easier.* This may have exacerbated the problem but I believe the main culprit was the roller.
    I've looked at the drive mechanism on the other Handler models and they are metal vs the plastic mechanism on my 125.* In hindsight I wish I'd spent the extra $100 for a 140 Handler.* Lesson learned.* I hope this can help someone else with their wire feed issues.*

    Kevin(somewhere near the bottom of the learning curve)
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    Sorry about the picture quality. Hope this one is better-

    Kevin(somewhere near the bottom of the learning curve)
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      Are those rollers marked for the same size wire? Are they the same part number?

      You said MIG, but I also wanted to make sure: are you using solid wire or flux-cored? What size?

      EDIT: I finally see now you said .030" solid. But I'll leave my question there as a reminder that your post with little white space was difficult to read. Try spacing out paragraphs and it'll be a lot easier. Thanks.

      The reason I was asking is because the knurled groove is supposedly for flux-cored wire and the smooth groove is designed for the solid wire. In the practical world, either could work for either with varying results, but did you ever try the smooth groove with the solid wire?
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        Not sure what all the ***** are about also as it does not seem to be very consistent...

        Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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          Mac-The two rollers are supposed to be identical. I don't have the part numbers handy at the moment but I can look them up if it's helpful to somebody.

          Initially I tried the smooth groove with the solid wire as the manual and yourself suggested. This gave poor results. So I thought the knurled groove might work better and I tried that. No better results.

          Sorry about the punctuation. I'll work on that.

          Dale-I don't know where the asterisks came from. They mysteriously appeared when I did the cut and paste. I thought they might mysteriously disappear when I submitted the post. Obviously they didn't.

          Thanks for the input, guys. I'm not familiar with posting on forums so I'll probably make a few goofs. Be kind please

          Kevin(somewhere near the bottom of the learning curve)
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