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Older DP-3035 Spool gun on new 210MVP?

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  • Older DP-3035 Spool gun on new 210MVP?

    So I know the Spoolrunner 100 was made for the 210MVP and handler 190..... But I'm wondering if the older DP-3053-10 and DP-3053-20 spool guns can be used on the 210MVP? If not, then why?
    The guns look identical but even when comparing the parts list between the Spoolrunner and the DP-3053, they are nearly identical with only 1 or 2 part numbers. The only part number that looks as though it could have an impact is the motor, but when looking up the motor info, they both have the same description (voltage and speed), everything else is the same as far as part numbers and looks go. The connectors, plugs all have the same part numbers.
    Has anyone tried using the older gun on the new 210MVP? It would be nice having the option of using the older gun with a 20' cable on the MVP.

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    The DP3035 guns will not operate on the H190 or 210MVP. The motor voltage is to high on the DP models to work on the 190/210MVP units.
    In otherwords the motor will never run fast enough.