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So what about the Fourney 190?????

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  • So what about the Fourney 190?????

    I just saw a forney 195 sitting at an equipment store the other day with a price tag of under $400 on it. What's the opinions on this machine? My little HH 135 works great but just hasn't got the juice to weld aluminum and for most of my thicker steel I just grab the arc anyways. I never wanted a bigger mig at the higher prices but for that much it catches my eye considering I only use it around the ranch. What's your opinions?

    Whoops, went and took a look it's a 180.........not powerful enough��
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    180-190, not much difference but it has been a race to the bottom with a lot of these machines. I would say no, nt yet. Some of them have been catching up in the cost/quality curve but are not there yet. They are still cheap but they are getting them to work better with new technology.
    I bought a little 100A Forney stick inverter to test, too cheap to be a real tool. If they raised he price 100 or 150 and made it a bit better it would be worth considering. Maybe everlast and Eastwood have a couple models that reportedly work pretty fair although I am not sure how critical the testers are, its all hearsay.
    To me at this point a welder is something I would stretch the card a bit if I had to. Its depreciation rate is low, its usefulness is so hi and they work well and last so long and are a 100% sure bet. In todays world a grand doesn't usually go too far but this is a place you need not have buyers regret.
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