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New MVP-210 excessive charge when not triggered

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  • New MVP-210 excessive charge when not triggered

    I have a new MVP-210 connected to 110V and have used MIGs quite a bit but this one is doing something I've never seen. When I finish welding and release the trigger, I touch the same metal piece again and rather than seeing a very small spark one time the remaining stickout wire melts completely away.
    After welding I touch the wire quickly to the material, trigger not squeezed, and I get a large spark and some wire melts away. I can touch it again without welding and the wire sparks and melts away again.

    Again, I'm used to seeing a small spark of static discharge but this is some serious power to melt the wire to the tip! I've never seen this and it troubles me to know I'm using it and may have a more serious problem later that will just cost me more money that I don't have.

    Any help is appreciated.

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      The contactor could be stuck in the closed position.
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