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Grinding silicon bronze mig beads

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  • Grinding silicon bronze mig beads

    I've been using silicon bronze filler to tig braze body seams on cars(18 gauge sheetmetal) for a while now. It works good and is easy to grind but can take a while especially for the sections I need to do while laying on my back. I was contemplating buying a small roll of silicon bronze mig wire and running it in a spool gun but am not sure if it would be worthwhile. I know mild steel mig welds are much harder and require more effort to grind smooth than a tig weld but I am not sure how hard a silicon bronze mig bead would be. Will the mig brazed silicon bronze beads be much harder than the tig brazed beads?



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    In most cases your steel alloy would be much harder then bronze. Again in most cases bronze would be made to wear . So In my opinion I would stick with the bronze silicone filler you have been using although the bronze is considered a hard metal, It does not have much give and it breaks down fairly easy.This is why they use this alloy for statues its easy to mold. But if you have ever seen one of theses statues fall , you would see it breaks easily. Also its just true fact that steel has stronger physical properties.
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      Thanks for the response. It is interesting insight.

      I'll just continue to tig the seams for now. I may consider a spool of silicon bronze wire for the next project car.

      Thanks again!