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Handler 140 won't shut off.

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  • Handler 140 won't shut off.

    My Handler 140, 115V model has an unusual problem, it won't turn off. Or to be more specific, the feed motor turns off but the wire stays hot. When I release the gun trigger, sometimes you can hear the contactor click off immediately, sometimes it takes a few seconds, and sometimes longer. Turning the welder off does not stop the wire from being hot. It works great when it's welding, but it is a little startling when you forget that it is acting like a stick welder, where the electrode is always hot, and you happen to brush against your work with the gun.

    It has been doing this for some time, and I have just worked around it, but lately it may not shut off for many minutes, so I need to get it fixed. I am sure the contactor relay is staying closed, and since the gun stops feeding, I am assuming it is not a circuit board issue, but in fact the contacts staying shut, even when the relay is not energized. There is a question here. Has anyone experienced this, and if you can actually see the contact points when you get to the relay, is it worth trying to dress them so they are not sticking? Or should I just suck it up and buy a new contactor?

    Mr. Bill from Snook, Texas

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    Bill, Hobart should be along with an answer for you. How old is your machine? It may still be under warranty.

    Are you getting any rain? We have a friend who has 11 acres between Caldwell and Milano, and she has been suffering from drought for a long time.


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      I've had this welder for about 5 years, and have put many 10 lb spools of wire through it with this being it's first (and only) problem, so I think it's well past its warranty status.

      We have gotten rain. Not as much as we would like, but my grass has to be mowed every week, and we didn't spend 4th of July chasing fireworks related grass fires, so that's a good thing. And since we are a rural fire department, we have to draft firefighting water out of local ponds. 2 years ago we had ponds with no water in them at all. Now they are full. Good thing number 2.



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        Bill, give Keith, Bill or Dave a call in our Tech. Service at 1.800.332.3281, they will be able to help you out.


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          Well, I'm not cheap, just frugal. The contactor is relatively easy to get to, and is a separate unit from the circuit board. I pulled it off, took some emery cloth to the contactor points, and put it back in. Seems to be working great right now. Maybe it won't last, if not I will spring for another contactor relay.

          While I had it apart, I took some time to clean it up a little, inside and out. Blew stuff out of the inside, took some fine rubbing compound to the outside of the case. Note to self, do NOT paint a red fire truck in your garage unless you have covered EVERYTHING, even if you think it is too far away to get overspray on it.