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Handler 125 pushing liner through gun cable

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  • Handler 125 pushing liner through gun cable


    I have a Handler 125 that keeps pushing the gun liner into the gun cable. It is almost as though the liner is too short or something is missing that would hold it in place. The user manual shows a nut should be on the liner but I don't see it, unless it is way up in the hose. This welder is a couple years old and was a display at at TSC store. So it was missing a bunch of things like knobs and the start up kit. I got all those items but never had a reason to look for this nut until now.

    Anyway, is there supposed to be a nut on the liner? If so, is it nylon or steel and what size would it be?

    I have attached a pic of what I have.

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    Your gun is obviously not correct. It seems as though something has happened, parts stolen, etc. If you call Keith, Bill, or Dave in our Service Dept., they will be able to help you out. Since the welding gun in this unit is hard wired into the unit, they will most likely want you to take it to a service center near you for replacement. Please call 1.800.332.3281 and they can help get you up and running.


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      I figured I would update this in case somebody else needs the info.

      I was finally able to get around to calling this morning and talked with Keith. I have a 9A gun and in talking with Keith I found out they originally came with no retaining nut on the end of the gun liner. They had a piece of heat shrink tube molded to the end of the liner. The liner was held in place by pressure from a screw through the plastic drive cover. Those failed like mine and Hobart changed the design on the new torches to use the ferrule nut. So Keith suggested I order a ferrule nut from a local Hobart repair center or online. The nut is only about $1. but the price for shipping online is ridiculous. So I ordered one through a local welding supply store. The same part is used on Miller welders. It will be a while before it comes in. So, in the mean time I decided to go the way the thing was made and put some heat shrink tubing back on the liner. So far so good.

      Thanks for the help


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        Doesn't it "chap your hide" to order a $1.00 part and seller wants $7.85 to ship....

        Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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          Yeah, but the $7.85 is cheap compared to the $10 order fee and then $20 to ship due to being less than $100 order the folks Hobart recommended show on their site.

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